Managing God’s Resources in Me




God created man in His image and has put in every person what he or she needs to fully accomplish its divine purpose earth.

Every person is significant in God’s plan and program on earth. As God’s image on earth mankind is to rule and reign in all aspect of life and glorify God. Failure to utilize the resources comes with severe penalties from God as illustrated in the Parable of the Talents.

Because humans are interdependent on one another, the failure to be effective managers of God’s resources deprives someone else of fulfilling their purpose.

Dr. Tope Ade has intelligently and in simple language communicated in the book the value God places in every individual and how He has carefully prepared each person for their roles. She talks about the need for personal responsibility and accountability to God and fellow humans.

Dr. Tope uses Biblical illustrations as well as other practical illustrations to bring the message home. The content of the book is applicable in every area of life for anyone who desires to go above and beyond average and live life to the maximum in excellence and purpose. The book is inspirational, motivational and easy to read.

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