The Freedom Walk

The Freedom Walk is a Bible Based course designed to help you in your quest for Inner Healing, Freedom, and Spiritual Maturity. The Course was designed by Dr. Tope Ade as a 26-hour course that can be completed within four to six weeks or in a 5-day Boot camp format. The course is designed into 6 modules with each module walking the participants through various topics and issues that pertain to their emotional wellness and spiritual maturity

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What makes The Freedom Walk Different from other life improvement programs?

Answer: The Freedom Walk

  • What are the benefits of taking the class?
  • What are the things that I will learn through the course that will get me to the next level?
  • Who should take the class?
  • Does it speak to certain group of people than the others?
  • What does the Course Entail?
  • What is the Advantage of Taking this Course?
  • What is the Length of the Course?
  • What is the Format?
  • What has been the experience of people who took the course in the past?
  • What is the Method of Delivery?

Answer: The course is currently done via Zoom